So you want to publish?

Do you have a good idea that you would like to make into a reality? We’d like to help you! This page is where we will give you tips on how to present your manuscript for consideration and how to navigate through the realm of publishing.

There are two options once you have written your manuscript.

Firstly, you can contact www.mousehand.co.za to help you self-publish.
Secondly, we can take on the title under our imprint: you retain copyright, and give us licence to publish, print and distribute your title.

In either case, you need to send us a synopsis of your manuscript along with one or two sample chapters. There is an online submission form at the bottom of this page. Please only use text in your submission to keep the file size to a minimum (in other words, no artwork).

You may also submit your manuscript to us via post:

PO Box 770
Howard Place

We will review your manuscript and give you feedback, answering all your questions about the process of publishing. If you decide to then go ahead with the publication, your manuscript will be subject to several rounds of reviewing until it is ready for editing.

Next, the manuscript will be edited to remove spelling and grammar mistakes and to improve various aspects, specific to each project. The edited manuscript is then set in the desired layout for the publication. After the last few rounds of checking that everything is correct and everybody is happy, the polished manuscript is sent to the printers for printing.

We hope that this overview gives you a better sense of the process involved in publishing. Should you require any further explanation, we would be happy to assist you.

Writing and publishing tips

When you plan your book, consider the following points:

How long will your book be? 50 pages? 400 pages?
What size book are you thinking of? A4? A5? In between?
Do you want colour, black and white, or a combination of both?
Will your book require artwork inside? Photos and/or illustrations?
What do you imagine for your cover?

When you think of how you would like to go ahead with publishing your book, consider these points:

What is the purpose of your book?
Who do you think will want to read it?

For more information about the book production process, click here.

Useful web resources for authors

Publisher’s Association of South Africa - FAQs on getting published, industry news
Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation – Find out about copyright
Academic and Non-Fiction Author’s Association of South Africa – Industry news, contract vetting and grants
Professional Editor’s Group – Find an editor or join to get great editorial support
South African Freelancers Association – Find writers, editors, illustrators, jobs, news, etc.
South African Translator’s Institute – Find a translator, learn about translating
Centre for the Book – Great reading, writing and publishing projects, including grants
South African Book Development Council – Industry news and development projects

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